Design . Develop . Operate . Maintain

As a long time application developer for many global companies such as Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc, inTouch is one of the few companies capable of providing truly end-to-end solutions on electronic / mobile loyalty.

Today, inTouch has been providing its professional services from system design, system / application development, deployment to operation and maintenance for some of the largest and best mobile loyalty systems in Indonesia such as Allianz Smart Point (Allianz), AXA MORE (AXA), Alfagift (Alfamart), FWD MAX (FWD), HP Hero (HP), Manulife MiMovePoints (Manulife), Samsung Galaxy Gift (Samsung), Shell Club Smart (Shell), to name a few.

All of the above companies have one thing in common; they all want to focus in their core businesses, they require a reliable company who can run their loyalty system without putting extra burden on their existing resources; from engine development, merchant acquisition, content management, merchant settlement, complain handling to product innovation.

Having spent lots of money to reward their customers and keep them loyal, the last thing these companies want to see is unhappy customers. With our years of experience, thousands of merchant networks, real-time monitoring & dashboard and dedicated online customer support, we have managed to keep customers of our valued corporate clients happy; which is the real objective of having a loyalty system in the first place.

If you have similar objective, talk to us to explore the possibilities.

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